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That's Me

This is the part where I am supposed to brag..

I've made £8M in 3 years for Dental Practices, Dental Brands & Dental Influencers.
I've built businesses, consulted & made money with Dentists, Practice Owners, Students, Facial Aestheticians, Dental Groups, Dental Influencers & Dental Product Builders!
I've created and produced insanely profitable dental courses and popular podcasts.

why the h*ll are you doing this??

The #1 question I get asked by dentists is:

"I want to make more money but I don't know how to start?"

And no matter how many videos, podcasts, books, Insta posts, courses & blogs you consume about success stories of other clinicians in dentistry - they gloss over the details.

You never truly get to see the step by step process. The messy part. The weeds.

The decisions. The tactics. The templates. The twists and turns.

So I decided I'm going to show you how I execute.

I'm going to grow a dental business from zero to £1M.
We will start 3 new ventures:

1) How to grow an existing dental practice

2) How to build & scale a dental course

3)  A mobile aesthetics business Or Dental Product

and email you a recap every day of what we did:


This is an experiment. It could go wrong, it could go amazingly...

but either way together, we will learn SO MUCH about revenue velocity and business growth...

what works, what experiments are worth trying, which methods work during a recession..

It's risky... BUT That's what makes us want to do it.

We're going to open up on a whole another level ...

to share, and document every step of the journey - in real time.

I've always wanted to open up my own university. So consider this a dental business class.

But instead of lectures & textbooks - we're going to learn by DOING.

So DO it now...

Sign Up To The All Access Pass And Let's Begin..

And Win.

Launching 3 Businesses in 12 Months


For the Dentist/Practice Owner who wants to know how to get more patients and grow their practice revenue at hyper-speed.

For the Dental Student who doesn't want to be stuck to the chair their whole career and wants a dental side hustle.  

For the Dental Influencer who is looking to build another stream of income.

For the Aesthetician
who wants to know how to get more Aesthetic patients or build another business based on aesthetics

For The Dentist
who wants to be financially independent and retire early.

For The Medical Professional
who loves business and is curious about making money.

For The Practice Owner/Group Owner
who doesn't want to use dental marketing agencies and train their staff in-house.